Thursday, April 1, 2021

Philosophy Wire: Consciousness. Brain. Interconnections.

A research found two main patterns of communication across brain regions, with regards to the differences between conscious and unconscious states.

One simply reflected physical connections of the brain, such as communication only between pairs of regions that have a direct physical link between them. This was seen in patients with virtually no conscious experience.

The other represented very complex brain-wide dynamic interactions across a set of 42 brain regions that belong to six brain networks with important roles in cognition. This complex pattern was almost only present in people with some level of consciousness. (this complex pattern disappeared when patients were under deep anesthesia) [1]

In other words: Consciousness seems related to remote areas of the brain interconnected. While the lack of consciousness seems related to a state in which only neighboring areas are functionally connected.

Going at a larger scale, we can see a man who only has his brain neurons interconnected as “unconscious” in relation to the wider universe. A man fully utilizing the whole network of his brain can be completely unaware of the cosmos around him, in the same way the neurons in a specific area of his brain are completely unaware of what is happening in the brain as a whole, during unconscious states.

At the end, what seems important is the interconnection of every point to create a full picture. And by irrational deduction, we can conclude that the interconnection with no points at all is the ultimate goal we should reach. Because at the end, being interconnected with everything means that anything “else” will stop being and everything will be considered as part of “us”.

Grow. Reach out.
Discover the cosmos.

And you will see that there is no cosmos… 

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