Monday, September 21, 2020

Philosophy Wire: Hierarchy of senses?

Research at the University of York has shown that the accepted hierarchy of human senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - is not universally true across all cultures.Researchers found that rather than being able to predict the importance of the senses from biology, cultural factors were most important.Study revealed that cultures which placed particular value on their specialist musical heritage were able to communicate more efficiently on describing sounds, even when non-musicians were tested. Similarly, living in a culture that produces patterned pottery made people better able to talk about shapes. [1]


All the same at the end.
It does not matter what your senses tell you.
But what you say to them.

What do you expect to see?
What do you want to hear?
What are you feeling?
At the end, you will need to reach out to understand.
But not to the cosmos outside.
But to the cosmos inside you.


Why are you even feeling anything?

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