Monday, April 8, 2019

Philosophy Wire: Being abstract. Planning for the future. Being god. Buying tomatoes!

A recent research showed that robots can learn abstract representations of the world that are useful in planning for multi-step tasks, something that's monumentally difficult for robots to do.

Planning is a monumentally difficult thing for robots, largely because a robot's perception of the world consists of nothing more than the vast array of pixels collected by its cameras; it lacks an innate understanding of how those pixels relate to what we might consider meaningful concepts in the world.

"Imagine how hard it would be to plan something as simple as a trip to the grocery store if you had to think about each and every muscle you'd flex to get there, and imagine in advance and in detail the terabytes of visual data that would pass through your retinas along the way. You'd immediately get bogged down in the detail. People, of course, don't plan that way. We're able to introduce abstract concepts that throw away that huge mass of irrelevant detail and focus only on what is important”, said George Konidaris, the lead author of the study. [1]

Fully planning for the future makes you unable to plan.
Thinking too much, makes you unable to think.
Trying too much to live your life, makes you have no life.

Living is only possible by being “stupid” in a way; not by analyzing everything and not by knowing everything, but by simply having an abstract perception of what is around us. Existence’s nature is raw and theological, not computational.

Stop analyzing everything. At the end, you will become motionless; the only way to make even a single step is to simply be irrational and… take the step. Modern science (analysis of everything until we reach a ‘safe’ conclusion based on ‘all’ the relative data) is in essence more and more irrelevant to the way we live. Logic cannot even support a simple walk to the grocery store.

Look at the stars and imagine your place in the cosmos.
Yes, you are important. You are a luminous being!
You can go and buy tomatoes! Come on!

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