Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Philosophy Wire: Dust. Cosmic dasein. Fire of existence.

Dust is everywhere - not just in your attic or under your bed, but also in outer space. Work from a team of Carnegie cosmochemists published by Science Advances reports analyses of carbon-rich dust grains extracted from meteorites that show that these grains formed in the outflows from one or more type II supernovae more than two years after the progenitor stars exploded. This dust was then blown into space to be eventually incorporated into new stellar systems, including in this case, our own. [1]

Sitting alone. Looking around.
Watching the dust specks.
As they dance recklessly in the sun light.

Born in a distant galaxy they were. Within the rage of cosmic explosions. Now sitting in your living room. Be careful not to misjudge them.

Their fire is still burning...

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