Thursday, March 8, 2018

Philosophy Wire: Exploring without exploring. Touching but not wanting to touch.

NASA rover Curiosity cannot explore areas of Mars with the potential to host life… because the rover might host… life! [1] In a similar news, Cassini dipped on Saturn on September 15 of 2017 (at least I hope, this article was written on 2017-04-29). The mission had been extended by Nasa three times, but with Cassini finally running out of fuel, scientists feared that it could crash into one of the planets (Saturn’s moons) that may support life. While unlikely, Nasa wants to avoid any microbes from earth that might remain on the probe contaminating the surface of these planets. [2]

We want to explore the cosmos. But we are afraid we might pollute it with ourselves. We are the masters of reality. And we are afraid to touch it so as not to change it. We seek like. But we are afraid we might be hosts to it.

But we are meant to change reality. We are part of the cosmos and we touch it every day. We are meant to bear life, this is our purpose in this cosmos. We are gods and yet we are afraid to act like one.

Cassini is dissolved.
Curiosity went silent.
Human died.

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