Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alchemists. Enigma. Σιωπή.

Newton believed in the “prisca sapientia”. And so did other alchemists. But they also believed that this knowledge should not reach the unprepared mind. Only those who deserve such knowledge should be allowed to it. That is why alchemists used a complex system of references, codes and antiphases in order to record their knowledge. A knowledge now hidden in manuscripts and prints inside dark libraries.


Their skepticism against written language, which is subject to Babylonian corruption and which enslaves the Holy Spirit inside an unholy structure of grammatical bonds, made them use pictures to convey their message. These enigmatic pictures have no words and yet they speak everything.

As alchemists themselves said, “Whenever we have spoken openly we have (actually) said nothing. But where we have written something in code and in pictures we have concealed the truth”. (Rosarium philosophorum, Weinhein edition, 1990)

Below you can see some selected pictures from the Taschen "Alchemy and Mysticism" book. (buy the book if you want to see more)

Other pictures can be found at...

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