Thursday, April 11, 2013

Parmenides - A time traveler

He took one step and then hesitated. The Engine had never been tested in practice and this made him anxious. However this was the only opportunity they had before the Pentagon guys got their hands on it in a few hours. A time machine was the dream of every superpower and they seem to have made it come true. Before the generals came to claim their prize, they wanted to fulfill one of their own - more personal - dreams. A few days before the body of a man was discovered in a ditch at Athens Greece. The body was dated back to the time of ancient Athens. With him archeologists found some notes on Parmenides. Now they wanted to try to go back in time and make every philosopher would envy - to try to talk with Socrates face to face! "Certainly a much more noble goal," thought James and started again walking towards the Engine. The latter had been secretly transferred with a C-5 in Greece and was set in a place near the ditch where the archaeological discovery was made.

The whole scene was simple and nothing betrayed the importance of the moment. Suspense filled the air. With a paper notepad as his only ally, he got into the Engine. Enable.

Without the many effects or colors that he imagined he would see, he was in ancient Athens. It was getting dark. The gold Attic Sun was setting and suddenly his heart calmed. All the stress was gone. He was in the middle of a dirt road. Alone. Heard footsteps behind him. Hide. Reacting instinctively, he lowered his head beneath a mound, without knowing why. Three men were walking toward him, talking. Even from afar he began to understand his terrible luck! It was Parmenides and his pupil Zeno, who had come to visit Athens. And the third man, who now looked young, was Socrates! Many historians wrote about this meeting of these giants of philosophy. And he was now there – a live witness! He pulled out his notepad and quickly began to take notes. The men walked slowly and spoke loudly in the deserted dirt road. But it was something he did not like in the whole scene. Ignore it. The men had approached him now. James continued to frantically write down what he heard and then he realized it with terror. At the same time a snake suddenly bit him in the neck! She was beside him all the time as he was concentrated in writing and he had not noticed it. He started spitting blood while the snake was moving away in the ditch. The same ditch where the dead man with the notes to the Parmenides had been discovered! A tear rolled down his cheek as he was dying. The men moved on.

It started raining. Thick mud slowly covered him. He pulled his notes close to him and slept.

Spiros Kakos
Athens, 04/2013

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