Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Philosophy Wire: Placebo… Body… Spirit… Nothing…

A research exploring the strange boundaries of the placebo effect has turned up another mysterious oddity: placebos have the power to reduce neural markers of emotional distress, even in cases where people have been told in advance they are only taking a placebo, and not an active drug. [1]

Obviously the spirit affects the body.
We think it is amazing that someone feels better when he just thinks of it.
But the real mystery is the opposite!

Why do we feel worse when we do not even think that we are worse?

Obviously the body defines the spirit.
Stop thinking about reasons.
Look at things which happen without them.
Only there will you meet life.
Balancing on a trembling rope.
Its triumph might be a reason to cry for…

If everything affects everything.

What is left for nothing?

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