Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Philosophy Wire: Falling trees…

Treefalls happen all the time, but this one just happened to occur in the exact spot where a decades-long ecological study was in progress, giving University of Illinois researchers a rare look into tropical forest dynamics. "After the treefall, we saw a very large spike in the total number of hummingbird species," says Henry Pollock, a postdoctoral scholar. "The year after the treefall happened, we got 16 unique individuals of this one species, and total diversity of hummingbirds more than doubled." And then, almost as quickly, the birds disappeared. "What that suggests is these birds are incredibly mobile and opportunistic," Pollock says. [1]

Falling trees.
For a second there, the world speaks.
And there is no one there to listen.
Except birds.
Now the birds are leaving again.


Falling seed.
Only Silence.


The world is ready to speak once more…

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