Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Philosophy Wire: Travelling.

Four fossilized monkey teeth discovered deep in the Peruvian Amazon provide new evidence that more than one group of ancient primates journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa. The teeth are from a newly discovered species belonging to an extinct family of African primates known as parapithecids. Fossils discovered at the same site in Peru had earlier offered the first proof that South American monkeys evolved from African primates. [1] Animals travelling. Humans travelling. Without purpose. Cause at the end, the destination is always where you started from. Home is not the only place you knew. It is the only place that knew you as well. You never leave home. But you can take it with you. Travelling far away from it. Not to get way from it. But to make it bigger…

Can you not cry when seeing someone die?
Can you not cry when seeing someone being born?
Open the door.
Walk away.
The streets are empty now.
You are afraid.

But that weird feeling does not let go.
That other should be afraid of you as well…

I am back! Where is everybody?

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