Friday, March 24, 2023

Great conductors. Except from when they are not…

Photo by Spiros Kakos @ Pexels

Crystalline materials known as topological insulators conduct surface current perfectly, except when they don't. In two new studies published in the journal Science, researchers explain how these 'fragile' poorly conducting topological states form, and how conductivity can be restored. [1] Conducting current. Not conducting current. Being soft. Being hard. Solid. Plastic. What is, is what it is. At the end it is not a matter of knowing, but a matter of being able to replicate what you see. We don't care about understanding. We just care for being able to create again what is there. Like monkeys trying to use the same tool they accidentally found in a river. Only caring for our self. Give us a magic wand and we will be happy. Knowing nothing. Doing everything.

“Why can I do anything?” you ask
And people look at you like fools.
“Why do you ask?” they wander.

And you cannot stop laughing.
Because once upon a time you asked the same thing…
And now you still strive to understand the answer.

Remembering of a kid running around.

Knowing nothing…
Doing everything…
What is, is what it is.

Stand by the river
Let the monkeys build their tools.
Take your magic wand!
Can you catch a fish?


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