Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Philosophy Wire: AI. Through the mirror.

Can artificial intelligence (AI) help us understand how the brain understands language? Can neuroscience help us understand why AI and neural networks are effective at predicting human perception? Researchers have described the results of experiments that used artificial neural networks to predict with greater accuracy than ever before how different areas in the brain respond to specific words. The work employed a type of recurrent neural network called long short-term memory (LSTM) that includes in its calculations the relationships of each word to what came before to better preserve context. [1]

We believe that AI can predict our behavior.

But this is possible only because it is us who think like computers, not computers who can understand how we think. For true wisdom has nothing to do with understanding. But with acceptance of your inability to understand anything.

Watching the cosmos.

No one can truly understand you.
And you can understand nothing.
You are the cosmos.
And the cosmos is you.
You will never understand it.
Because you love that cosmos.

See yourself in the mirror.
Can you cry?

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