Saturday, May 1, 2021

Καλή Ανάσταση! (On the irrationality of the modern belief in death)

Happy Easter! (“Καλή Ανάσταση” in Greek literally means ‘Happy Resurrection’)

And let not the irrationality of the miracle of resurrection hinder you from believing.

The most important things in life we anyway do not understand.

Our self.
The cosmos itself.

And yet we are defined by them. And we live by them.
Yes, the resurrection is irrational.
And that is why it is true. (refer to “Resurrection – Illogical, thus True.“)

Because knowing is not about understanding, as Shestov said.

You think you need to believe in order to accept the resurrection.
But it is the other way around…
You already believe so many things and that is why you accept death.

Think again.
Time. Existence. Matter. Identity. Me. You. The notion of change itself.
Who told you these exist?

Do not ask whether Christ was risen.
But instead.
Could you ever die?

PS. Refer to the “What does it take to believe in Death” series of articles at the Blogger Harmonia Philosophica portal for more extensive coverage of the ideas that support our belief in Death. I was much younger when I wrote it and did not wrote so eloquently as now (at least not as much as I believe I do anyway), but my ideas were far more clear and raw. Thus, I still like them. Hope you like them too.

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