Sunday, September 13, 2020

Philosophy Wire: Wilderness…

Conservation scientists say that just 23 percent of the world's landmass can now be considered wilderness, with the rest - excluding Antarctica - lost to the direct effects of human activities. [1] We consider ourselves as non-wild. But who is wild if not the species which can eliminate all the other species on the planet? We are scared of the forest. But in reality, the forest is scared of us.

Look inside yourself.
Do not be afraid.
You are the raging abyss.

Dark. Furious.
The destroyer of worlds.
And at the same time…
The life-giver of the cosmos.

A small child.
A delicate flower.
Birds singing.

It is not that the abyss is far away.

You ARE the abyss.
Whispering gently…
Trumping on flowers!

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