Sunday, May 24, 2020

Philosophy Wire: If humans were clever, would they flock?

Crowd panics, market bubbles, and other unpredictable collective behaviors would not happen if people were smart about these things and just thought through their behavior before they acted. Right? Wrong. A UC Davis researcher looked at how people behave in simple reasoning games and found that people are usually driven to "flock," or behave similarly to others in a given situation. Seth Frey, an assistant professor of communication at UC Davis, said this happens "even when people use the fancy reasoning processes that are supposed to make humans so special". [1]

Following others.
Part of nature.
As humans.
As pigeons.

Do you think you stand out?
Try looking at a pigeon in the eyes.
No, you are not logical or clever.
You are just following the light.
And you are blinded by it.

Think about it.
Thinking is not what makes us special after all…

(Really. Ask the pigeons)

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