Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Philosophy Wire: Not interacting.

Dark matter is still the shyest particle in physics. New observations show that dark matter in galaxy cluster Abell 3827 stubbornly ignores all other kinds of matter - including itself, astronomers reported last year at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Liverpool, England. [1]

Studying interactions is the basis of science. We love interactions. We worship them. But the basis of interactions is non-interaction. Neutrinos passing through planets. Electrons interacting with protons. Photons interacting with gravitational fields. (or curved time-space anyway, who cares?) Particles dancing. Only because the cosmos is standing still.

Dark matter interacting with nothing.
Life mainly made of lifeless particles.
Achilleas running but never reaching the turtle.
Existence as Being. Existence as standing still.
A blanket of reality for the phenomena to manifest on.
God watching all particles moving.
Laughing. Right where He is…

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