Monday, June 3, 2019

Philosophy Wire: Be clever. Be smart. The curse of our society.

Researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Minnesota and Heidelberg showed that people with a higher IQ displayed ‘significantly higher’ levels of cooperation, which in turn led to them earning more money. Personality traits – such as agreeableness, conscientiousness, trust and generosity - also affect behavior, but in smaller measure, and only initially. The researchers concluded, based on their findings, that a society is cohesive if people are smart enough to be consistent in their strategies, and to foresee the social consequences of their actions, including the consequences for others. In other words: it doesn’t pay (for you, or society) to be just nice – you also need to be intelligent. [1]

Clever people target success.
Society celebrates success.

But it is the unsuccessful people who define the success of a civilization. It is the crazy ones which follow paths never tread before. It is the outcasts who can grasp the essence of our existence. It is the stupid people who ask the most intelligent questions. And only clever people have the illusion that they know the answers…

In a successful society, always look at the shadows.
You will find a poor man begging there.
Don’t turn your back at him.
Neither laugh at his lack of success.
Do not feel good for your success.

Because it is the last ones who will come first…

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