Thursday, February 28, 2019


A question that hides all the answers.

Why does the world exist? We wander…

Without understanding just how what we ask also answers our question. How would we look for whys in a world without cause?


A question that in itself explains why we should not even ask her...

Everything can be done in many ways. And any question with many answers tells us that it is not even worth answering it...


A question that hides in a common view its insignificance... A question with so many possible equally valid answers that cries out how unnecessary is to try to find out which one is the correct one.

Where did this happen? you ask.

And at the same time you ask you feel that what matters is what happened and not where it did happen.


A question you consider crucial only if the "he" or "me" makes sense. Yet you and anyone else exist only out of time and space, on a level that the "self" remains unchanged, and therefore makes any other question useless. In such a world it makes no sense to ask who did anything. In such a world only one "I" exists and contains everyone.

Look around you and listen to the silence of the night.
She asks the most important questions.
Under the moon, the Why does not make sense.
In a dark world, only light can exist.
And it is in no mood to ask why.
The darkness can only give birth to light.
And this can only evolve to darkness.

One can only give birth to the many.
And the many only point towards One.
There is no Why with no Answer.
And yet every answer hides a question.

Why do you ask why there is something?
Do you not see that you are born of nothing?
Why do you answer how your life makes sense?
Do you not see that if this is the case then you wouldn't even ask this question?

Everything was once part of One. And then you decided to break the mirror. Everything was once You. And then you decided to start seeing others. Nothing ever happened. And then you decided to start looking for what and how. Once upon a time you did not wonder why. You were the answer to everything.

Once upon a time you never asked any questions.
Because you had all the answers...
Now you ask everything.
And you do not know anything.

Look at the answer.
It hides a basic question within it.

Why do you ask?
Do not you want to learn?

Spyridon Kakos
2018-08-06, 11: 55pm

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