Monday, December 10, 2018

Philosophy in a sip (of espresso)…

Philosophy in a sip 

Learn about one philosopher or a philosophical movement in 3 seconds!
Learn for a philosopher in a sip of coffee; or tea!

This article contains brief one or two-sentence descriptions of the philosophy produced by great philosophers or by important philosophical movements. Note that this is a very personal view and should not be treated as a bibliographical reference, but mainly as a spark for fruitful debate and thinking.


A priory knowledge. Analytic and synthetic judgements. Our ability to examine metaphysical questions is limited by our empirical knowledge. Metaphysics is possible, but synthetic a priori principles can be established only within the limited domain of sensible experience. Our morality is defined by an internal sense of duty.


Question everything. Question whether science can answer to everything. There is no method. Be crazy. There is no unique explanation of the world. Writer's death.


Materialize the philosophy of enlightenment.


Free individual. State. End of religion. Faith in science and logic.


Duality of spirit and matter. I think therefore I am. Every position can be defended with arguments. Only existence is certain.


Agony of existence. Leap of faith.


Existence of truth.


Logic as a tool.


What is Is? Return to the basic questions.


Philosophy of the irrational. Questioned both religion and science. Tried to look into the eyes of the abyss.


I believe because it is irrational.

Harmonia Philosophica

The only way to think is via non-thinking. Silence conveys more than Logos.


You know nothing. Just know thyself.

Christianity (as a philosophy)

Die before you die, so that you won't die.

Atheism (as a philosophy)

Everything is random. There is no meaning in the cosmos.


The belief that science will one day know all.


The murderer of scientism. Science cannot prove everything based on specific axioms. There is no time.


Deduction is limited as a tool to discover the truth.

Bertrand Russell

Not a philosopher.


A tree does not make a sound in an empty forest.

Modern civilization (21st century)

I want to go out and have fun! Philosophy (and my self) frightens me.

Levi Strauss

Primitive is not less evolved than modern.


Everything is One. All we see is an illusion.


War is the father is everything. Listen to the thunder.


Everything is matter. (Modern science: what is matter?)


Matter and spirit exist separately in the cosmos.


Everything is relative. There is no objective truth when it comes to ethics. Otherwise known as the «basis for the demise of today's modern civilization».


Be aware of science. It makes man unethical.


Man must be awaken to wonder. Science tends to get him to sleep again. The meaning of the cosmos lies outside of it. The things we cannot talk about are the most important ones.


Try to see beyond the veil of the phenomena. (As if any other philosophy claims that it starts only on the surface of the phenomena)

Any philosopher

Had his own opinion. Have yours!

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