Thursday, April 5, 2018

Philosophy Wire: Violent world. Inner harmony.

A tiny shark tooth, part of a mantis shrimp and other microscopic marine organisms reveal that as the Andes mountains rose, the Eastern Amazon sank twice, each time for less than a million years. [1]

Mars may have had a far-out birthplace. Simulating the assembly of the solar system around 4.56 billion years ago, researchers propose that the Red Planet didn’t form in the inner solar system alongside the other terrestrial planets as previously thought. Mars instead may have formed around where the asteroid belt is now and migrated inward to its present-day orbit, the scientists report in the June 15 Earth and Planetary Science Letters. [2]

We have a violent past.
We live in a violent world.
Harmony is just into our minds.
A fantasy. An illusion.

And yet this harmony is what drives the world around…

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