Saturday, February 24, 2018

Philosophy Wire: Negative mass. Amazing. On paper. Walking on water…

Researchers in the US say they've created a fluid with negative mass in the lab. What it means is that, unlike pretty much every other known physical object, when you push this fluid, it accelerates backwards instead of moving forwards. Such an oddity could tell scientists about some of the strange behaviour that happens within black holes and neutron stars.

Hypothetically speaking, matter should be able to have negative mass in the same way that an electric charge can be either negative or positive. On paper that works, but it's still debated in the science world whether negative mass objects can really exist without breaking the laws of physics.

Now scientists claim they have made a fluid with negative mass! Well, actually they did not create a fluid with negative mass. They managed to get a fluid of superchilled atoms to act as though it has negative mass - and suggest it could finally be used to study some of the stranger phenomena happening in the deep Universe. [1]

Creating materials which behave like something else. Fantasizing about new properties. Making weird new universes in their mind. This is the role of scientists today. A role taken out of old monasteries where people gathered to create new humans. Fantasizing about new emotions and behaviors like forgiveness and unconditional love. Creating a weird new cosmos in their hearts.

You are not your hands. You do not have mass. Positive or negative.
You are the one who gives meaning to mass.
You are the one who makes matter exist.
Think of negative mass and you will see it.
Watch closely.

We used to be scientists.
Now we are just inventors.
We used to have soul.
Now we just know math.
We used to know humans were real.
Now we analyze matter.

Look at the water. Step on it. It does not repel you.
You are neither immersed in it. Look carefully. You are walking on it…

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