Monday, September 25, 2017

Philosophy Wire: Consciousness. Instincts. Nietzsche. I. One.

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2017-09-25]:


Intrinsic property of humans or the... result of the repression of our instincts and the development of logic? (see Nietzsche) Is consciousness a side effect of the continuous opposition of morality to our primordial instincts? Could we simply listen to ourselves struggling and confuse it with listening to something of "higher" order when in fact it is just our oppressed instincts that rebel?


What kind of man allows himself to be drifted by them? How 'superior' is someone who makes no effort to change and become a better person? If this is "superior", then I want to be "inferior". And why not considered this an instinct?


Whatever the "truth", the bottom line is that our existence is connected with it. And only a truly free being has will of its own. Only a being with will has consciousness to guide it. Only a being with a conscience has instincts to act as markers on the road to virtue.

Complete beings we are.
In a complete world.
Full of light.

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