Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harmonia Philosophica - The philosophy of the irrational! (MiLAct16 conference presentation)

Could all philosophers be correct at the same time? Could time be an illusion? Have we lost connection with the One? Do we over-analyze things? Are we too logical in an illogical world? Does science progress through logic or through “madness”? Thinking logically entails the acceptance of various assumptions. But can thought based on assumptions be free? Thinking irrationally could be the key to the understanding of the cosmos. Forgetting how to think is the only way to think. And to discover again what we once knew...

Watch the presentation of "Harmonia Philosophica - The philosophy of the irrational" at MiLAct16 (Newton Fund Conference on the Philosophies of Mind, Language & Action, Sao Paulo, 19–23 September 2016) to find out how thinking illogically could be the key for philosophy to move towards a new paradigm shift! Alternatively take a look at the Powerpoint presentation here.

Any comments are more than welcome!

~ Spyridon Kakos

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