Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Liberals/ leftists: The new Communism rising (and this time it is much more dangerous)

The new global fashion is all about "humanism".
The new global fashion is all about being "progressive".
The new global fashion is all about being a "democrat".

Leftists shout about these things every day. But there is a saying for those who shout too much: Usually they are the ones who need to shut up. In Greek we call it: Φωνάζει ο κλέφτης για να φοβηθεί ο νοικοκύρης, or in other words "The thief is shouting so that the owner of the house gets afraid".

Who defines what "humanism" is?
Who defines what "progressive" is?
Who defines what is "democratic"?

A shouting oppressive minority of atheists/ lefists have taken over universities all over the world and in the name of "progress" have tagged anything Christian as "bad" and "evil". If you speak in favor of your country (as any proud member of a community would be) you are a "racist". If you speak in favor of a person (and anyone can and should do if he feels about it) you are a "racist". If you speak against anything illegal (as any rational member of society would and should do) you are a "fascist". If you speak in favor of traditional ethical values (which helped society flourish and grow for thousands of years) you are regressive (as if anything new is by default better than anything older). If you speak your mind in favor of Christianity you are... illiterate at least. (as if Aristotle who founded Logic was also illiterate for speaking about a First Mover, or as if Godel who came out with a proof for God was... stupid) If you do not want to accept illegal muslim immigrants to your country you are a heir to... Hitler. (as if any society can stand without adhering to the laws)

In summary, if you speak your mind against anything not supported by the leftists you are a bad person who deserves punishment of some sort. This highly Marxist ideology has corroded every corner of the universities and the media as well, which seem keen on promoting anything illegal or irrational as long as it is non-Christian or against the current set of values from which communists feel threatened by the most. "Random" images of crying children or women in pain are of course part of the recipe to create sympathy for the ideas promoted by that media, while at the same time there is a constant effort NOT to show any images of the actual results of such ideologies. People - real people - are in misery and in pain without any of the leftists paying any attention. We are too focused on "Black lives matter" to notice any white lives ending violently because of shootings. We are too focused on "ecology" to notice that leftists/ liberals have more yachts than Donald Trump. We are too focused on the "poor refugees" coming to Greece that we do not have time to either tell the truth (i.e. that they are economic illegal immigrants and not refugees) or show images from poor starving Greek local legal residents trying to find some bread while the state provides free meals to those "poor people".

All in all, communists were and still are TRAINED SOLDIERS of revolution.
Sure, they lost the Cold War. But who said they accepted that?

Start saying the obvious whenever and wherever you can.
Start SHOUTING the obvious whenever and wherever you can.

Then and only then, we might stand a chance...

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