Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terror in Paris: A CHRISTIAN Europe is the only solution... Again.

Terrorist attacks in Paris. [1]

Humanism and multiculturalism finally get results. Love is on the air everywhere. The world is better. Now the fascists will say "We told you so" and the anti-fascists who are the new fascists will say "You are fascists" and the real fascists will continue to slaughter and when we are awaken it will be too late. And all the anti-Christians will say "You are the same with them" and the Christians will be looking at them with sadness. And if anyone says anything about the fact that Europe has been dealing with STUPID things for so long (see. gay marriages and the "right" for adoption because this is the most important issue in a disintegrating society) rather than build mounds that would help us in the face of the hurricane that is coming, he will be accused of racism, bigotry, phobias etc.

When the "Pray for Paris" hashtag appeared many people started showing the REAL CAUSE of the catastrophe: What is important now for the "progressive" Europeans is to show to everyone that sciences, humanism and arts did not flourish in a Christian Europe, that the Muslims are not to blame, that there are only some lunatics killing in the name of their religion, that Christianism and Islam is the same, that we are all immigrants, that everything is as we imagine they are. Everything needed to keep believing in our nice ATHEISTIC ANTI-CHRISTIANIC DREAM that we live in a world where we can do anything to anyone.

What to wish to a continent that is sleeping but... good night and sweet dreams.

See you in the Islamic Europe of 2050 where we will meet secretly to yearn CHRISTIAN Europe that we have been blaming for everything for so long.

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