Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Philosophy Wire: What is an atheist? What is a theist? Chaos and Randomness. vs. Order? Or just “Humbleness” vs. “I’ll do whatever I want”?

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2015-11-18]:

Atheists against theists. A long lasting “battle”.
But what is an atheist? What is a theist?

In the context of an interesting conversation I had with friends, someone proposed a simple definition: Atheists are those who believe in Randomness. In Chaos. Theists are those who believe in Order. If you think about it well enough, this is the main point of dispute after all: Does the world has natural laws because someone designed it this way or by pure… luck? Does the world has complexity because someone designed it that way or due to someone throwing… dices?

Look around you.
Look at the light.
The leaf.
A literature masterpiece.
A computer program.
The rain.
Your self.

No go to a casino. Throw the dices.
Understand how hypocrite you are. (and not at all randomly I might add).

Atheists do not believe in God because they want to be gods themselves. Atheists know you cannot create a cosmos by throwing the dices. They just want to create the cosmos themselves. Based on their own nihilistic view of things. Their whole worldview is based on the “I will do whatever I want”. I will take my own life (as if it was your’s in the first place). I will kill that sick baby because… well, just Because! I will create my own ethical laws based on… nothing since nothing exists!

Atheists who hypocritically hide behind what they do NOT believe so as to conceal the fact that they BELIEVE* in all too many things…

…in the non-existence of God! (different than the “I do not believe in the existence of God” – the difference is subtle bur very important)
…in randomness!
…in nothing!
…in matter!
…in purposeless!

Purposefully. Not at all randomly. Purely with materialistic motives…

Atheism: The most dangerous Religion!

* First of all, they have misunderstood the word "believe". When someone says "I believe that the universe was created" he does not mean "I FOOLISLY and WITHOUT ANY evidence believe that the universe was created"! Faith has grades of confidence! Yes, there exists the stupid blind faith (e.g. the blind belief that the universe was created by... chance which atheists have) but there also exists the belief which is based on DATA to a great extent! You just can not be 100% certain for NOTHING and therefore every serious person says "I believe that..." rather than "I'm absolutely certain as an atheist that... "!

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