Monday, July 27, 2015

Philosophy Wire: A matter of perspective. Simply interesting? Or fundamental?

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2015-07-27]:

Look at a circle. And think: Does this circle exist?
See it from very close and it looks like a straight line.
See it from very far away and it looks like a single point.

An interesting observation one might say. But could it be something more than that? Could it be something fundamental?

Think about it: Everything we believe is a matter of perspective. Everything we see as “something” can be seen as “something else”. Everything we think can be thought of differently if we choose to do so.

Life. Death. Existence. Consciousness.

Do you see them as human problems? Do you see them from the chair in your office? Or do you watch the cosmos standing still with no time while riding a photon? Or do you observe the world from inside an immortal [literally, read “Harmonia Philosophica”] tree on a high mountain? Or do you wander on these issues as an ephemeral fly which has only one day to find a mate and reproduce?

Circle. Straight line. Point. Think about it. You only have one day…

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