Friday, July 3, 2015

Philosophy Wire: The dominance of men over women. And it’s disastrous results in philosophy…

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2015-07-03]:

The first woman as an Oxford director. The first woman as dean of Sorbonne. The first woman as a director of IMF. We are in 2015 and we still listen of the “first women” who do things which are in no way weird for a woman to do.

Men dominate life today. But how bad is for philosophy the fact that men are the dominant sex? Too bad if you ask me.

Once upon a time there were woman priest. Women who could feel the cosmos. Now men just try to explain it.

Once upon a time there were wise women. Women who followed their intuition. Now men are trying to follow their logic.

Once upon a time humans worshiped women. Men wise enough to know they are not wise. Now men are arrogant enough to believe they are gods.

In an irrational world, we chose to rely on our arbitrary logic than on our hyperlogos (transcendental) intuition. We chose to think rather than feel. We chose to become gods rather than accept that we already are. Slowly but steadily we are becoming alienated from our true selves. And only if we give up the power we think we have will we be strong once more.

Try to see carefully.

In your wife.
In your grandmother.
In your mother.
In your girlfriend.

The world has been singing to you. But you were too busy thinking to listen…

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