Friday, February 13, 2015

Philosophy Wire: Santa Claus. He exists. More than ever...

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2015-02-13]: Those who claim that there is no 'Santa Claus’ do not know what they say... Seeing the picture of  St. Nicholas Planas is enough to make one realize that.

Yes, this red-dressed benevolent old man who ‘came to us from the West' is not at all random – he depicts an archetype deeply rooted in the depths of the souls of men. He is not someone to be ignored. He is the 'Ancient of Days' ... the cosmic Father, good and benevolent, the bearer of gifts from 'above', from the chimney to the fireplace. The pyramidal chimney... from the transcendental One to the world of the ‘many’... and to the fireplace, the hearth-heart... he comes silent during the' night, when people’s souls are settled. His gifts are for children only... for those with child's heart. Wearing red... comes from the world of divine fire... a fire that warms the pious souls - the souls who know how to exercise respect - but which is caustic to the disrespectful and the insolent.

There are people who have this archetype 'painted' on their faces... who embody that archetype in a very tangible, physical manner... like this dear priest, Saint Nicholas Planas who lived in the last century, who walked among us, in the streets we too now walk. [Dimitri Lalushi]

Santa Clause exists today.
More than ever.
It is today we need his kindness.
This kindness is next to us.
It is inside us.
Does it matter how is it dressed?
Look at what the children believe into.
Make sure it exists.
Or go and fuck off.

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