Thursday, February 12, 2015

Philosophy Wire: Frogs. Tadpoles.

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2015-02-12]: Its fangs are not what makes the newly identified Indonesian frog species Limnonectes larvaepartus unique on Earth. The way it makes babies does. This little amphibian from the rain forests of Indonesia's island of Sulawesi is the only one of the world's 6,455 frog species to give direct birth to tadpoles, eschewing the common froggy practice of laying eggs, scientists said on Wednesday. [1]

See all green frogs.
Formulate your theory.
Until you see a black frog.
Then formulate the theory again.

Until you see a...

Well, you get the picture.
Science which is built on foundations is finally built on thin air.
Stop trying to explain the world and you will explain everything.

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