Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Philosophy Wire: Knowing in your world...

Highway patrol (random pic not related with the article)

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2014-07-16]:

Matthew Michael Lee McMahon, 20, of Ohio, was arrested Monday night by St. Johns County Sheriff's deputies for impersonating a law enforcement officer.
He allegedly switched on a pair of red and blue lights attached to his 1999 Ford Crown Victoria to signal a Chevrolet Impala — an unmarked deputy’s car — to pull over along International Golf Parkway.
Detective Justin (Chance) Anderson said he was shocked to see somebody "affecting a traffic stop on me" because he had not done anything wrong, he told First Coast News.
Anderson came face to face with the suspect as he pulled up next to him, but did not recognize McMahon as any of his colleagues. McMahon stared Anderson down, pointed his finger at him and drove off.
Anderson used his experience catching police impersonators and his authority as a certified law enforcement officer to pull McMahon over for a real traffic stop.
It's not known why McMahon had emergency lights, but he reportedly gave Anderson several statements during the traffic stop. Anderson arrested McMahon on charges of impersonation as well as unlawfully displaying blue lights. [1]
You know only what you know personally.
Think, how many things do you accept because others tell you about them?
Think, how much do these things really matter?
Stay in your microcosmos.
it is the whole cosmos.

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