Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Philosophy Wire: Boltzman Brains. Materialism. Scientific dogmatism.

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2014-06-25]: In order to get rid of the problem of Boltzman Brains [1] researchers propose new quantum mechanics models where quantum fluctuations are dependent on interactions with an external system or particle, known as an "observer". [2]

But WHY get rid of the Boltzmann Brains if they are totally possible for science?
Why IMPOSE our philosophical DOGMAS on any kind of thought?
Why should the "observer" be in quotes?
Why should the observer be a "system" or a "particle" and not YOU? Me? Us?
Why should any kind of scientific breakthrough be filtered through the grid of materialism until nothing but... matter is left?

Thought our subjectivity, let's all try to be objective.
We are Boltzmann Br... sorry I meant "Humans", after all! ;)

Oh and something else! If Boltzmann Brains are immaterial, why are they called... brains?

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