Thursday, June 19, 2014

Philosophy Wire: The best punishment is no punishment?!

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2014-06-19]:

A man can do a lot of things in 13 years.

Cornealious "Mike" Anderson was able to open several construction businesses, start a family, coach his son's football team and volunteer at his church. What he wasn't doing most of that time was serving jail time. Convicted of taking part in a robbery at a Burger King in St. Charles, Missouri, in 1999, Anderson was given a 13-year sentence. When his appeals ran out in 2002, he was supposed to report to prison, but the call never came.

Corrections officials didn't discover the clerical error until July, when his original sentence would have ended, and they sent U.S. marshals to arrest him. On Monday, Anderson walked out of the Mississippi County Courthouse a free man, given credit for the 4,794 days between his conviction and when he was arrested last year.

"I walked by faith this whole time, my family and I," Anderson told CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday.
Judge Terry Brown said he didn't see any point in keeping Anderson, 36, in prison. "I believe continuing to incarcerate you serves no purpose, would be a waste of taxpayer dollars and punish a good man," Brown said at a 10-minute court session. [1]

The best punishment, is no punishment...
Under the condition that you really want to change.
If you don't, then again... the best punishment is no punishment.
After all, you will not be "corrected" in any way... ;)

In the old days there were no prisons.
In the old days there was only exhile. (ok, and death in some cases, but let's not be that crude)
Look into the past to find the answers you fool modern man!
Who want's to go to... Mars? :)

Could that be the "not punishment" we seek?
Could a gift be the best way to punish?
Listen to Jesus.
How illogical does he sound...

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