Friday, February 14, 2014

Philosophy Wire: Science saves lives! (when it wants to)

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2014-02-14]:

An article claims that 8 million lives were saved because of the warnings issued by scientists against smoking, almost 50 years ago. [1] Even if we take into account this as a true fact, the article would be more honest if it also pinpointed the role of science and scientists in persuading people to smoke! Yes, some years ago, cigarettes were actually advertised by doctors!

One could say that this was due to genuine ignorance. But come one. Have you ever seen a smoker feeling BETTER or being in a position to breathe/ walk/ climb/ run better due to smoking? Ignorance is one thing, claiming that something is GOOD for health (even when you have not yet made any solid research showing and AND despite all the evidence of common logic which show the CONTRARY) is another. And the reaction of the scientific community was not even close to immediate/ strict/ loud enough that can justify such a "party". [2, 3]

And yes I like parties and I do not want to be a party spoiler, but I really do not like going to one immediately after a funeral... I wish science decides to party more often! She deserves it and WE deserve it as well! Being ACTIVELY honest is never easy. But it certainly feels good!

PS. Check out a similar case with hormones used in milk and dairy products. [4]

PS2. A small TIP: Where there is money, there is a scandal...

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