Sunday, February 17, 2013

Philosophy Wire: Transubstantiation, atoms, scientism…

Non-believers are baffled by Christians believing they eat the blood and body of Christ during transubstantiation.

We can accept it as a metaphor, but not as something "real".
We cannot literally accept that we eat the blood and body of Christ.

What are we taking "literally"?
We see food and we think it is solid.
We think this "literally".

But food and matter is made up of atoms.
Atoms are almost made up of... nothing. They are mainly void space.
And even the small particles inside these atoms, are a matter of energy fields (call me Higgs) substantiating themselves into

something we have modeled as the "things" we call "particles".


Come again?

What are we taking "literally"?
What is the right and wrong here?

We have been so much blinded by our faith in what Science has been TOLD US to believe, that we cannot accept anyone else believing anything else. As if we know everything...

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