Sunday, January 13, 2013

Philosophy Wire: Christianism – Unhappiness – Atheism. A surprise relation

SFEq06_01Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2013-01-13]:

Most atheists tend to hit on Christianism after an earthquake or a tsunami. "Where is your God now?", they ask. "Why did your God killed all those people?", they shout. But besides that, they also do something else much more interesting. They are accusing Christianism (or religion in general) of taking advantage of peoples’ unhappiness, so as to keep them in its ranks. Religion exploits the misery of people and by suggesting that a good afterlife expects them, gains more followers.

However these atheistic arguments are not only illogical but also immoral.

Illogical because no one could ever BE MADE to believe JUST BECAUSE someone promises him happiness in another life, while at the same time he has NOTHING BUT in this life. People who experience bad situations and still remain religious are people who ALREADY believed before. No atheist is converted to religion after a BAD event, after a disaster! This is easy to understand even for a 10-year old kid. Religion – to which people ALREADY believe in – just helps them to overcome difficulties. And no, God is not responsible for the tsunami or the earthquakes. They are physical phenomena. Too hard to grasp? Your problem. If you wanted a God playing with Earth and its people like in an RPG, then you should go to the kindergarten.

Immoral because these arguments are usually used with a hidden agenda: in order to CONCEAL the REAL goal of these atheists. And what that might be? It is obvious, isn’t it? Atheists use these kind of arguments just because they want to conceal the fact that THEY are the ones who want to EXPLOIT the unhappiness of people! Yes, they are the ones who start preaching against God and in favour of atheism when hundreds of people die in a catastrophe. They are the ones who start mocking religion and faith when thousands of people are drowned. They are the ones who want to gain followers based on the misery of people. And what is the best way to cover up such a terrible plan, than to directly accuse your “opponent” of doing it?

Human suffering is not for hire.

Next time something bad happens, atheists and theists should work together to help. Even though we do not know why we live, being nice to each other just seems right…

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