Friday, August 17, 2012

Philosophy Forums - A world of dogmatism

I have just seen that I was banned about a month ago from the philosophy forum The reason for my banning was "pseudophilosophy" and "ideological spamming".

The only catch is that I had only started 5 topics while other members have started dozens or even hundeds of topics. How could I be spamming, where the topics I have initiated (like the "The Limits of Science" in the picture below) are popular, have good rating and more than 1400 views in less than a month from their initial creation? (note only 2 of the 5 topics I initiated remained in the forum - the others were just deleted as if banning me from the forum was just not enough...)

But as I stated in the message I sent to the administrator today, the main problem lies elsewhere.
And the problem is this: who decides "what is right to write into a forum?".

What does "pseudophilosophy" for which I as accused of, even is?

Is there a "correct" philosophy for which it is OK to write and "pseudo" philosophy which should be banned before someone sees it and gets hurt?
And who decides upon that? The administrator of a site?

Some people just cannot stand a different opinion.
And it is too sad that they use such methods to impose their opinion.

ESPECIALLY in a "philosophy" forum...

PS. I will update the post in case I hear back from the allmighty god - the Administrator. But this will happen only if they send me an email, since my banning also means that I cannot see my Private Messages in the forum as well. How am I to get an answer if I cannot read my messages? Too auto-anaphorical... :)
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