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Philosophy Portal - Free philosophy in the Internet


Scope of the Portal

This page is intented to be a portal for philosophy knowledge available for free on the World Wide Web. All links stated here are pointing to sites containing articles or texts that one can download or read online with no charge at all (free). This page intends to play the role of a good starting point for knowledge seeking. The goal is to provide links that lead directly to information and not just links to other pages. Pages that simply contain links to other pages are not included (with the exception of one or two collections of philosophy links that are the major collections of their kind in the internet).

Abbreviations used

Each link / resource contained in this portal is one of the following types:
I. Direct - The resource cited is a direct link to a text or a book and not a link to other links.
II. Search - This means that the resource is a search engine related to philosophy matters.
III. Links - This means that the resource is a collection of important philosophy sites. Only one or two of the resources in this portal will be of that category, as stated in the "Scope" section.
The purpose is to provide mainly sources of the first category, so as to facilitate direct access to knowledge.

Philosophy resources

The list below contains the basic Internet portals on philosophy that should get you started in the field of knowledge seeking. They are the most well known and trustworthy resources that can provide enough data on every subject known from the time of Plato and Aristotle. The list will be updated constantly.
  1. Episteme Philosophy Links: A very informative collection of links on almost all philosophy subjects. It contains almost 100% valid links with a small description next to each. [category: Links]
  2. Noesis Philosophical Research: A specialized online search engine for philosophical subjects. It uses the Google search engine machine to find information on subjects related to philosophy by searching the most relevant academic resources available. Contains directories of online journals. [category: Search]
  3. Philosophy Collection: A great online collection of philosophy books. It is important to note that it does not contain links to other sites, but the philosophy books themselfs (which you can read or download from there). This is an excellent stop for your philosophical inquiries. [category: Direct]
  4. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: One of the most valid and trustworthy philosophical resources on the web. It contains detailed data for all philosophy subjects written in well fashioned and structured manner. A professionally peer-reviewed resource. [category: Direct]
  5. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Excellent free resource for philosophy. Maintained by the Stanford University, it contains excellent articles on all philosophy subjects, written by authors who are well known in their fields. The place to start your philosophical inquiries. [category: Direct]
  6. Philosophy Now Magazine: One of the best places to start philosophizing. An online journal on philosophy with everything you can imagine, from theism to machine ethics. [category: Direct]
  7. Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The best resource for online articles on philosophical subjects. It contains direct links to the most trustworthy philosophical encyclopedias for a vast list of articles. Everything you might want to know in one page!
  8. Harmonia Philosophica: A portal with philosophical articles and Philosophy Wires (comments on breaking world news with the help of philosophy).
Please report to me (via email or with a comment in this page) any problems with the links as soon as you detect them. I am always available to answer any questions regarding the list.

Online Books

In the catalogue below I have included important philosophical works of great philosophers. All of these books are available for free to download, but please keep in mind that specific copyright laws may be applicable in your country - please make certain that you do not violate any of these laws before accessing the resources I have entered. Report to me any resources that violate copyright laws so that I remove them.
  1. Books with "philosophy" in title @ Gutenberg project: A list of books that contain "philosophy" in their title and that can be downloaded for free from the Gutenberg project. [Source: Gutenberg project]
  2. Introduction to Philosophical Logic: An online free book that provides an introduction to philosophy.
  3. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein: The masterpiece of Wittgenstein that marked the post-modern philosophy. Wittegenstein is considered to be one of the most importand 20th century philosophers and this is considered to be his most important contribution to philosophy. A very difficult work to read and understand. [Source: Gutenberg project]
  4. The Critique of Pure Reason: A work by Immanuel Kant which revolutionized the way we think about Logic. One of the most influential works in the history of philosophy. [Source: Gutenberg project]
  5. The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics : A book by Kant for ethics. [Source: Gutenberg project]
  6. Dictionary of Philosophy by Runes: A full-features dictionary of philosophy edited by 72 authorities. Your starting-point for every definition of philosophical terms.
  7. Being and Time: The philosophical masterpiece by Heidegger. The first time the question of what "being" actually means after the days of Heracletus and the pro-Socratics. A very difficult work to read and understand. Due to the language used by Heidegger it is considered "untranslatable". Prefer the German prototype if you know German. Knowing Greek will also help a lot since it contains numerous references to the etymology of Greek words. [Source:]
Any comments or recomendations for adding a book are highly appreciated. The list will be constantly updated with new records. Happy reading!

Philosophical doctrines

In this section I include links to the major philosophical schools that exist. Studying these schools is very useful for every person that wants to deal with philosophy.
Please keep coming as the list will be updated continuously.

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