Sunday, February 19, 2012

Harmonia & Antithesis - The path to One

Αρμονία (En. harmonia) is what wise men seek. But why do we seek it? Why do people want harmony in their lives, why do they want harmony in their thinking?

Harmony is a weird thing.
You cannot have it unless you have met excess.

We seek harmony because we think we see it is the world.
But the world is most of the times an ugly place full of antinomies and misery.

We like harmony because we feel good when we have it.
So is harmony product of our selfishness?

Harmony is the way to unite opposites into One.
But if opposites are part of this world, could they also be part of Harmony in the cosmos?

If we think antithesis is an illusion,
why don't think the other way around - could Harmony be an illusion too?

Intuition tells us that the world is not as complicated or full of antinomies as mathematics think.
If something and its opposite are true, then maybe there is no antinomie at all.

"True" and "False" are human inventions.
I wouldn't trust them much...

Main Thesis: Harmonia Philosophica [English] (Credo quia absurdum!!)

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