Monday, January 9, 2012

Writing is Evil ! (and not civilized!)

Writing has been misunderstood by many. This is because many believe that writing is related to progress and civilization while the opposite is true! The first inscriptions found were related to keeping public records, recording supplies, keeping tax records, writting laws, counting agricultural and manufactured goods. As Levi Strauss puts it, "The only phenomenon with which writing has always been concomitant is the creation of cities and empires, that is the integration of large numbers of individuals into a political system, and their grading into castes or classes. It seems to have favored the exploitation of human beings rather than their enlightenment".

On the other hand, all great mystics of our kind, Pythagoras, Socrates, Buddha, Christ, did not leave any writings! They just talked to people! Parmenides himself was not a writer but a poet. And whenever you have something truly important to say to a person close to you, you chose silence. Staying silent with someone is the best way to tell him everything you want sometimes.

Writing is overrated. We should all keep being humans. And being humans is 1000 things, with "writing" being far below the 1000th place...

Look at the empty paper.

Just leave it this way.

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