Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dreams and Reality: Why there is no difference!

Every day we dream. We then wake up and in a way we "know" that what we dreamt of was "not reality". But how do we know that? Is there an objective critetion on which we are based?

Some people claim they can distinguish their dreams from reality. How can they do that? Is it a simple "I know it" or are there any objective evidence to suuport the distinction? Because in dreams you also see, you also talk with others, you also smell et cetera... How can you tell then?

If all there is are data reaching our mind, then how much different is for your brains "computing center" (as you could call it) is seeing something and seeing it in a dream?

The answer is very easy. Some people just can't handle it.
The fact is that there is no objective criterion!
We "know" it just because our mother once upon a time told us so...

The blurring line between reality and dreams is of great importance: it shows that "reality" is really a mind game and not something "objectively real". How different are the experience of a man who is dreaming and of a man who is awake? Not at all! Telling the difference is a matter of choice. This is not nihillistic by the way. It is simply not being dogmatic.

[Vassiliki Papadopoulou aquarelle]

In every point of your life you must stay open-minded.

Believe in your dreams !
Question "reality" !

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