Friday, February 11, 2011

Philosophy Wire: Mice, Sex, the Brain and Reductionism

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakow [2011-02-10] Scientists have "discovered" (a very. .. Platonic expression indeed) that the decision on whether a mouse attacks or makes "love" to another mouse which invaded its area, is obtained from a particular region of the brain based on a specific mechanism [source: web news] . This discovery is believed to pave the way for the explanation of respective mechanisms in the human brain. From humans...animals and from animals...machines!! The course of humans in the western thought is far from what one would call "evolutionary"... Can everything be reduced to lifeless mechanisms? Or maybe this way of analysis is just another scientific model? When man thinks in a certain way, he always tries to reduce everything at the bases of his beliefs. When old dogmas die, usually they are replaced by new ones. And we must be aware of their existence if we call ourselves humans. Or engines? Or mice?

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