Saturday, January 22, 2011

Philosophy Wire: Japan, JAXA, ISS and the fall of the US?

JAXA space vehicle moved to the launch pad
[source: JAXA site]
Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2011-01-22]: The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) successfully launched a supply space vehicle towards the International Space Station (ISS). The vehicle will dock to the station within the next week [source: Jaxa web site]. After the announcement that USA will stop using the space shuttles, the burden for the resupplying the ISS has fallen onto the hands of other countries, with Russia being the only country that is able to send cosmonauts to the station. In a world where the state which leads in technology leads in everything else, not being able to ressuply the corwn of human technology certainly looks like weakness. US seems not to worry too much about the things that made her a superpower: is it because they are maturing as a state (understanding that other things, like having people happy and in good health, are equally important)  or because they are tired?

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