Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learning Greek for Dummies: Socrates and Meaning

Socrates said that in order to be able to speak about something, you must know its definition.

In Greek that phrase is:
Για να μπορείς να μιλήσεις για κάτι, πρέπει να ξέρεις τον ορισμό του.
[Gia na mporeis na miliseis gia kati, prepei na ksereis ton orismo tou]

The words used in this phrase are:
Για να [gia na]             => In order to
Μπορείς [mporeis]       => Be able to
(Mporo means "I can", Mporeis means "you can" or in general "be able to")
Μιλήσεις [miliseis]      => Talk
(Milao = "I talk", Milas = "You talk", Miliseis = "You talk instantly about something")
Κάτι [Something]         => Something
Πρέπει [prepei]           => Must
Ξέρεις [ksereis]           => Know
(Ksero = "I know", Ksereis = "You know", Kserei = "He knows")
Ορισμό [orismo]          => Definition
(Ton orismo = "The definition")

(c) Learning Greek phrase-per-phrase via Philosophy...
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